Customer Success Associate

Job description

SkinVision is on a mission to save 250k lives in the next decade by revolutionising the way we care about your skin. Our technology empowers people to manage their skin health, enabling an efficient connection between users and the health system through a sophisticated yet easy to use mobile application available for download on any smartphone. With over 800k active users and more than 25k users joining us every month, we are constantly looking to grow our team with people who are driven by purpose and are challengers by nature.

We are hiring a Customer Success Associate who will play an invaluable role in strengthening our relations with users and represent their voice throughout the organisation. You will be responsible for receiving communication from customers and offer the most appropriate assistance to every case. In this role you will need to constantly put yourself into our user’s shoes to efficiently respond to enquiries and maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Job requirements

Customer Success is considered to be the voice of the customer. Responsible for receiving communication from customers and offering the most appropriate assistance to every case, in this role, you will need to constantly put yourself into our user’s shoes to efficiently respond to enquiries and maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction. You will be engaging with individuals at risk of skin cancer, prompting users to see a doctor and providing the most appropriate recommendations from our team of dermatologists. You will also be in touch with former and current patients of skin cancer that have been assessed through our service. These relationships have a deep meaning for both users and our organization, serving as motivation to follow our call to positively impact the lives of thousands of people around the world. 

20-32 hours (TBD). 

Daily Drivers

  • Be the link between our business and end users, ensuring we build supporting relationships with customers

  • Get pathology reports from users diagnosed with skin cancer through our technology

  • Help maintain the quality of our services by communicating with internal partners about possible bugs in the system. These reports provide evidence for our algorithm and to our mission in saving lives

  • Serve as an internal customer advocate and voice of the customer. Translate customer insights into actionable tasks to increase engagement.

  • Represent SkinVision in a professional manner and ensure we collect enough information to resolve customer issues

  • Collaborate with other departments, ensuring our internal partners receive consistent and reliable feedback from our customers

What you will bring in

  • Enrolled in a higher education institution

  • Hands on experience in customer service or customer facing like roles is a plus

  • Ability to work with a variety of technologies, customer service software and data tools

  • Ability to empathetically connect with current and former patients of skin cancer

  • Ability to translate trends in customer behavior into actionable insights

  • Excellent listening and communication skills

  • A customer centric approach to working

  • Proficient in English and proficiency in one of these languages is a plus: Dutch, Polish, German, Spanish, French or Italian. 

  • A positive attitude with an ability to learn from our customer's feedback and efficiently resolve issues

  • Work well in a constantly changing environment

Not sure if you are qualified?
Research shows that while men apply to jobs when they meet an average of 60% of the criteria, women for example tend to only apply only when they check every box. If you feel energised by our mission and would like to use your first-class talent to accelerate the growth of SkinVision but don't necessarily meet every single point on the job description, please still apply. We'd love to receive your application and see if you could be a good fit.